Open Source Travel Guide to Europe

Europe: A Great Choice of Visiting

Europe is one of the seven continents in the world. It is the second smallest continent but due to its beauty and great worth-seeing views it is considered as a best spot to travel either for smaller visits or visit consisting of several days. There are many types of visiting places according to every person’s choice. If you are interested in visiting historical places there are a lot of in which you can learn a lot about the history of different countries of Europe.

Europe is also rich in culture and beauty that draws the attention of tourists from all around the world. It consists of such beautiful countries that should be visited once in a lifetime and if you visit them once then you will wish to visit them again and again. The most popularly travelled countries include France, Spain, Italy, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Greece and a lot more. These destinations have great weather which increases the joy of visiting the place.

Another distinguishing feature of Europe is that it is free of boundaries that are you can visit any country by train or through your personal plane throughout Europe and this is solely the feature of Europe. So you can learn cultures, civilizations and arts of various countries easily.

The choice of country for visiting Europe vary from person to person as some people are keen in watching the historical places, then the best country for them to visit is Porto and Douro Valley as it has a lot of museums and ancient places to visit.

If someone wants to enjoy the beautiful countryside views then Germany is the best spot. People go to Paris because of Eiffel Tower and to enjoy the bright nights of pretty France. Amsterdam has Vandals Park for families to visit and its Science Centre NEMO is also of importance for families to visit. It also gives the chance of family bike rides but it is not conveyed that only families can visit here but its nightlife, a great number of coffeehouses, and enjoyable parties should not be missed by the individuals.

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Europe is a home of inspiring arts, culture and cuisine. The variety of food in Berlin is spread to a large extent both traditional and modern. The use of meat is so common in almost every country mostly in traditional food but the vegetarian food is also available.

In short Europe is a great place for recreating, having fun and for making joys for people of every taste.